iPhone 14 Satellite Connectivity- Here’s How You Can Utilize It

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Apple unveiled the iPhone 14 model at its “Far out” presentation. The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro both support satellite connectivity for the first time and also a host of other new features like improved cameras and speedier CPUs.

One of the best features of the iPhone 14 is the ability to connect to a satellite in addition to Wi-Fi and terrestrial cellular networks. Prior iPhone models are unable to connect to the satellite. As a result, we can claim that the iPhone 14 satellite connectivity is only available in the iPhone 14 series.

As had been speculated, all iPhone 14 models support satellite connectivity, making them the first Apple products to do so. Cellular connectivity is still intended to be the primary method of connectivity, despite the fact that Apple emphasises satellite connectivity as an emergency feature. You can learn more about iPhone 14 satellite connectivity on the best blogging Platform.

  • Operation Of Emergency SOS Via Satellite

iPhone 14 satellite connectivity function is only intended for usage in an emergency. You still won’t be able to place calls or send texts on the iPhone 14 if you don’t have regular cellular connectivity; Apple hasn’t transformed it into a satellite phone.

This serves as an alternative emergency system. It only turns on when you have no cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity from any provider. Even though satellite communications seem exciting and futuristic, dialing 911 using your cellular network is still a much more effective way to request assistance.

Satellite communications take longer than regular cellphone calls and messages to finish because the signal must travel a great distance. Iridium and a constellation of 66 satellites orbiting 485 miles away at a speed of 17,000 miles per hour are probably both used by Apple. Apple hasn’t said which satellite network it’s employing above the earth’s surface.

  • Satellite-Based Text Services For Emergencies

iPhone 14 supports satellite connectivity. It’s possible that you can make the call even if your typical cellular carrier network is unavailable. Emergency services can be contacted through satellite SMS if your phone call is unsuccessful:

  • By satellite emergency text, select it.
  • Additionally, you can text 911 or SOS by going to Messages and selecting Emergency Services.
  • Click on Report Emergency.
  • Respond to emergency questions using only a few touches to describe your situation best.
  • Along with your location and the details of your emergency, you can also inform your emergency contacts that you have phoned emergency services.
  • Adhere to the onscreen directions to connect to a satellite.
  • To stay connected while sending your message to emergency services, follow the onscreen instructions after you’ve connected.
  • Regarding Superior Privacy

Apple claims that before being forwarded to the appropriate emergency agencies, it encrypts and decrypts every signal sent via satellite to emergency services. The relay provider and the emergency assistance centres “may retain the messages for the purpose of improving their services and in accordance with applicable regulations,” though.

Who May Utilize The Amazing Function?

iPhone 14 news stated that only the iPhone 14 series phones support satellite connectivity, which will first be made available to consumers in the US and Canada with the iOS 16 upgrade sometime around November 2022. If you acquired a device of the iPhone 14 series outside of the US, you could still use the feature there. Phones from the iPhone 14 series purchased in Hong Kong, Macao, or the Chinese mainland will not have the feature, nevertheless.

Starting in November, satellite connectivity will initially only be accessible in the US and Canada. According to Apple, customers who purchase an iPhone 14 will receive the service of iPhone 14 satellite connectivity for free for two years. The expense to enable satellite access will be incurred, albeit the exact amount is unknown.

Essential Information For The Emergency Services In iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 satellite connectivity is a safety feature that enables you to contact emergency services if you are lost or stuck without cellular or internet connectivity. In these circumstances, your iPhone 14 can send a message to emergency personnel through a satellite connection. Only iPhone 14 users can enjoy this feature.

Apple also revised the procedure for notifying emergency agencies of texts. Text messages are routed directly to the emergency services provider if it accepts them. The text messages are transmitted through one of the relay centers Apple has set up, which is staffed by qualified specialists who will call the emergency service provider if the provider only accepts voice calls.

Where Can I Utilize Satellite Emergency SOS?

Technically, you should be able to request assistance from anywhere worldwide using Emergency SOS, Via satellite due to iPhone 14 satellite connectivity. The issue is that obtaining that assistance is somewhat more difficult because it depends on other variables, such as whether emergency responders in a particular nation or region are even prepared for it.


Learn more about iPhone 14 satellite connectivity at the best blogging Platform. This feature is also available only in the iPhone 14 series. No other iPhone series or any other mobile companies have this characteristic in any of their series. Apple is the only one to announce satellite connectivity for safe living. Visit the Best Blogging Platform for More Tech blogs and updates.